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The Wedding Industry Awards


Wow! We’re thrilled to continue to strengthen our working relationship with The Wedding Industry Awards and offer this amazing benefit exclusively to BFA members.

All BFA members enjoy a10% discount on the entry fee. This reduces the entry fee from £75 + vat (£90) to £67.50 + vat (£81).

The unique way TWIA is judged ensure that all our members from the smallest to the largest are judged equally. We highly recommend that if you create wedding flowers you get involved and enter the awards.


Here’s what You’ll need to do in order to get the discount:

1)    Have a current BFA membership and your BFA number to hand.

2)    Visit and complete the first stage of the entry process: Account Set Up

3)    You will then be taken to the payment page where you must type in their BFA membership number, BFA followed by four digits e.g BFA1234.

4)    The entry fee will then be reduced by 10% (regardless of how you choose to make payment) and the discounted total shown.

Please note

 Each BFA member code can only be used once.

If you enter without using the discount TWIA are not able to refund the difference retrospectively. So please ensure you follow the above steps.



For more information on the awards visit:


Great chances!

The very fact that most businesses do not enter awards and this the main reasons you should! TWIA receives about 1300 entries each year. About 900 of these become finalists. There are 176 regional winners and 23 national winners. Sound like a lot but when you consider that conservative estimates put the total number of wedding suppliers in the UK at 30,000 these numbers are actually relatively small!

Make your business stand outs!

Differentiation, it set’s you apart, in this competitive market everyone is looking for ways to get ahead of the competition. The awards programmes allow use of their branding from entry or nomination right through to being a finalist or being a winner. This branding is a real asset if used effectively.

Making your business more profitable!

 A winner’s or finalist’s logo is very visual and grabs attention! This seal of quality shouldn’t be underestimated, recognition in an awards process has commercial value. It can help with increasing fees, bookings or both! 

Gain reviews!

Reviews are a key tool in today’s marketplace and entering an awards is a great way to harvest these reviews not only from voters but also from the awards body themselves; a winner’s logo is a very visual kind of review!

Evaluating your business

One of the main reasons that people enter TWIA is the fact that we give each entrant their voter comments and average scores accumulated during the judging process. This is excellent market research for you.

For many running a small business can be isolating and isolated. Spending time examining how and why we do things in our business isn’t always easy. All too often we spend too much of our time IN our businesses and not enough time ON our businesses. Being forced to describe and examine your business as part of an awards entry process can really help with this. It’s also a fantastic way to get your team more involved with the different aspects of your wedding trade and make them proud to be involved and raise standards.

Get your business fighting fit!

It is vital that we test and push both ourselves and our businesses. If you are a runner, entering races is an important way to test your fitness and improvement. Similarly entering awards and competitions is as important for the fitness of our businesses.

Learn how to improve

If you enter an awards and another business wins, take a look at that business, ask what do they do that you don’t do? Can you implement any of those things to help your business? Why not reach out to that business? Most will be flattered and the worst that can happen is that they say ‘no’. 

Shows confidence in your businesses ability

It shows self-confidence and perceived high standards. Your past clients will tell their friends that they had such a great florist at their wedding, present clients will love the fact they have award-worthy florist at their impending wedding and future or prospective clients will be drawn to you as a result.

Boost team and personal morale

It’s exciting to be involved! TWIA hear this all the time from entrants, especially those with a team of employees, it brings them closer and galvanises the team. People really raise their game, become even more proud of what they do and in turn standards are raised across the board.

Get to know other award winning businesses near you!

It’s a great way to network within the wedding sector, from meeting photographers to makeup artists, venues to bands. Getting to know other businesses that put themselves into TWIA create relationship and stategic alliances that can be excellent for you and your business.



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