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With BFA Membership you will be intitled to £30 off your first order with Florismart, however due to the nature of Florismart the continued saving coupleed with quality and an outstanding choice is of huge benefit to any florist, If you’re not yet familiar with Florismart read about them below and understand why this company is getting so much international attention and becoming the essential supplier for so many florists and give your business a real boost and competitive edge!  


Firstly register with Florismart by clicking here on ‘Welcome to the Florismart Shop’

They will then contact you and take you through the website tutorial process – Florismart is unique, unlike any other supplier so whilst their website is easy when you know how this is a very helpful introduction to Florismart.

When you are placing your first order simply contact Florismart and tell them your BFA Membership number and ask for the £30 BFA membership discount.


Florismart is unique in the fact it brings together exporters, wholesalers, and growers conveniently and seamlessly in one maketplace. 

Understanding that Florismart is a market place, where many exporters, wholesalers, growers and sundry supplier compete to win your pound for the same products is key to understanding what Florismart is all about. Buying flowers is a skill, one that Florismart want to ensure that all there customers are experts at, with guidance from the Florismart buying specialists you will be educated to the same level as professional auction buyers!  As one customer put it “Florismart doesn’t sell you anything they simply show you how to buy the best.”

Florismart believe in empowering independent florists – giving you easier access to flowers grown all around the world, and from your local farmers. We make finding the finest flowers beautifully simple.


Empower the florist.

You enjoy greater access to suppliers and products, and the ability to compare for the best prices and quality.

Create transparency.

Access to industry knowledge, which helps you strengthen your position in a competitive market.

Transform the flower buying experience.

Our expertise, experience and technology make the buying process simpler, faster and friendlier.

We’re always trying to change the industry for the better, being there for the florist at every step, finding new ways to help you grow. That means:

  • Dazzling product choice
  • Best prices in the market
  • Expert, friendly service


  • Enter your requirements. The site then compares the stock and prices of all the exporters on the system.
  • Refine your search with detailed filters – variety, stem length, price, quality, exporter and even grower.
  • Exporters compete to win your order, forcing prices down – you get the best prices that day.
  • Order before 11am for next-day doorstep delivery – or set up a regular order for core weekly needs.


  • Expert, friendly support at every stage. A simple, fast, money-saving buying experience.
  • Meticulous quality control before shipment – by our Holland-based team working right at the point where your flowers are bought and dispatched.
  • Freight and transport companies who are experts in delivering flowers and fragile goods to you in pristine condition.
  • A prompt and professional response to any query or issue.


Telephone No. +4420719321840800 014 8418
E-mail:  contact@florismart.com
Website:  www.florismart.com

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