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All across the country our BFA member shops will be getting ready for the rush this Christmas time.

Flowers make a great Christmas gift

All across the country our BFA member shops will be getting ready for the rush this Christmas time. We've only a few more weeks to go and the shops are starting to get geared up for the festive season. Every year the rush seems to start later and later as people always get caught out right at the very end. However why not buck the trend and place your orders early, this has many advantages not least of all that you can relax knowing it's one more job ticked off the list. Your florist can then ensure your order is ready for you to collect or for them to be delivered to loved ones as you wish. Still thinking of leaving it until the last minute... spare a little thought for what actually happens before you walk into the shop to choose your floral Christmas gift. Your florist plans their flower orders and places it with their supplier well in advance of the actual date. As the demand is very high at Christmas flower prices tend to increase, this can be especially true with anything red. Here at the BFA we recommend you place your order in good time so that you can give your florist the opportunity to shop and select the flowers that will make the most beautiful gift for you. Leaving the ordering to the last minute and you could mean you aren't getting the best value for money, our professional BFA member florist want to create your designs that are truly wonderful giving them some extra notice will help them achieve this. Browse in advance on your local florists website to give you an idea of the offers and products they have in store. Some even offer a promotional discount if you order in advance and have signed up for their newsletter.

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Flowers make a great Christmas gift

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