Flower and plant of the month - British Florist Association
Flower and plant of the month - British Florist Association

Flower and plant of the month

Throughout the year we showcase a ‘Flower of the Month’. Flowers that can come to the fore and shine some old favourites, others less familiar, all with great info and images to share!

Our friends at the Flower Council of Holland have created this annual campaign calendar highlighting a flower and plant through the year.

These campaigns are promoted in a number of ways and will be featured in various glossy magazines and blogs that highlight the latest trends and home aspirations! More inspiration can be found by clicking on the many links below and visiting www.funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk

FLORISTS – Getting involved in an national campaign gives your business the perfect tool to communicate with your customers and to boost your sales!  With so many opportunities to promote the flower, your customers can encounter the same inspiring message from your business as they’ll see in magazines and in trend inspiration blogs. Show that your company has its finger on the pulse. It doesn’t take much effort, it can be fun and it is effective! and we’re here to help.

Each month we’ll be sharing great content about the current flowers along with posters and images that can be used by you and your business simply click on the link/month in the sidebar to see each campaign.

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