Valentines Day - British Florist Association
Valentines Day - British Florist Association

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day posters

We appreciate every florist is different so we have tried to design posters to reflect that. We hope you find them helpful. Simply click the poster(s) you wish to download to get your copy.

2019 Valentine’s Facebook Cover Images

What the experts (and we recommend.)

When you upload your Cover Photo on desktop, you can adjust the top cropping so it’s positioned top-to-bottom exactly as you like it. If you upload on mobile, it will crop to center automatically in desktop view. However, I don’t recommend this, as the compression is terrible! Stick to uploading a PNG file via your desktop computer and it will look 10 times better. 

Just so you know!

Facebook cover photos for business are different sizes for mobile and desktop!  You need your Facebook Cover Photo to look good on both desktop AND mobile? Over half – 56.5% – of Facebook users ONLY access the site by mobile (up from 51.7% in January 2016). One billion users access Facebook daily through their mobile phones. However many love their big beautiful desktop monitors to check out Facebook too. 

Tha’t why we’ve created our cover images so you can have it both ways! They work great on mobiles and desktops. NOTE: For FB Business Pages. Personal profiles differ, ours are designed for business.

Facebook Page cover photo is displayed slightly smaller on desktop: 820 x 312px, down from 828×315. This is the exact same proportion, so you don’t have to change anything. However, experts recommend using a larger size and shape that works for both desktop and mobile. So, this is exactly what we have done. Recommended: 1200 x 675. 

2019 Valentine’s Business Booster

For some Valentine’s might be a piece of cake, for others this might be your first year and you’re filled with trepidation – regardless we hope this FREE downloadable document full of tips, helpful hints and ideas will be useful.

2019 Valentine’s Business Booster

We wish you all the best for a very successful Valentine’s Day.

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