BFA - Supporting its florists. - British Florist Association
BFA - Supporting its florists. - British Florist Association

BFA – Supporting its florists.

The British Florist Association is the single unifying movement at the heart of the UK’s diverse floristry industry. The BFA is run by Florists for florists. Throughout the year the BFA manage many tasks – you can find more details on them by reading ‘WHAT WE DO’

It represents industry interests at local and national government level and to the media. As the only trade association in the florist industry that is recognised by Government both in the UK and EU.

As the exclusive UK member of FLORINT, the European Federation of Florist Associations, the BFA is recognised as the voice of the industry representing 7,500 UK florists.

With a market share of around €1 billion and as the second largest import market for floricultural products, the UK is a major destination for suppliers and traders based in the EU (the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Denmark and Belgium in particular), but also in Kenya, Colombia, South Africa, Turkey, Israel and Morocco.

According to Defra, exports of cut flowers were valued at £28.9 million in 2016*.  *Import/wholesale/farm gate values – not retail values

Q- How many florist businesses are there in the UK.

A- Approximately 7500 florist businesses ranging from high street shops, to studio, event florists and wholesalers.

Q- How many flowers and plants are sold in the UK alone

A- Approximately £1.7 billion flowers and plants are sold in the UK including florist high street shops, studios, supermarkets and online order gatherers.

Q- How much is imported from the EU.

A- The UK imports 80% of its flowers and around 70% of its plants through the Netherlands. That equates to £837 million pounds worth of flowers plants exported from across the Channel. British flowers equates to 15% of sales of cut flowers in the UK.

Q – How much does Holland export in total to the EU.

A. 1.686 mln euros up to March 2018.

Q. How much flower and plant is imported from outside the EU in to the UK

A. We import approximately £200 million flowers from other countries such as Kenya, Colombia, Israel and Ecuador.

Although the BFA endeavours to present current and correct information the BFA does not provide any guarantee, explicitly or implicitly.

No rights can be derived by users from the information provided.

The BFA accepts no liability whatsoever for the contents of information provided nor any damage resulting the use of information.

The BFA reserves all rights, including copyright and other intellectual property and must have written permission before publication.  

The BFA Standard of Excellence set the high levels of quality and of service that every customer can expect from all florist members of the British Floristry Association whether they are wedding florists, event florists, high-street florists, grower-florists or contract florists.

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Our aim is to be the independent trade association representing the interests of the professional florist.
Our Objectives
To support our members by promoting them to consumers as the first point of call for the purchase of flowers, floral gifts and tributes through education of the public in the art of floristry and design.
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