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The Professional Florist Register

Individual florists who are members of the Institute of Professional Florists are all proud of their achievements. Every member proves their qualification to the institute and commits to complete Continued Professional Development (CPD).This means they must gain points within a timeframe by partaking in activities to keep them industry relevant and an active member of the industry.

The register explained: Below you will find a grid explaining the membership types. Each member joins at their skill level and is encouraged to progress. In the second table you will find the names of all the Institute members who wish to have their details listed along with their level and UK area.

Membership TypeLevel of Achievement requiredAbbreviation used
StudentCurrently studying and at the beginning of their careerN/A – Students
MemberAchieved an industry recognised L2 qualification or completed the Institute portfolio for membershipMIoPF
Senior MemberAchieved an industry recognised L3 qualification SMIoPF
LicenciateAchieved an industry recognised L4 qualificationLIoPF
FellowAchieved an industry recognised L5 qualificationFIoPF
Academic MemberA tutor and achieved an industry recognised L3 or working to a L4 qualificationAMIoPF
Academic FellowA tutor and achieved an industry recognised L4 or L5 qualificationAFIoPF

The Register

Name of floristLevel of MembershipAreaCurrently
Nia Bradley-HobbsMIoPFBucks, Berks, Herts and Hants
Emma ClarkeLIoPFBucks, Berks, Herts and Hants
Joanna HuntFIoPFBucks, Berks, Herts and Hants
Clare LewisLIoPFBucks, Berks, Herts and Hants
Claire NellisSMIoPFBucks, Berks, Herts and Hants
Nicky PritchardLIoPFBucks, Berks, Herts and Hants
Teresa WheelerMIoPFBucks, Berks, Herts and Hants
Patricia BondLIoPFDevon, Cornwall
Helen Collier(Student Member)Devon, CornwallStudying
Bridget DrewMIoPF Devon, Cornwall
Dilys GodfreySMIoPFDevon, Cornwall
Jackie HarrisonSMIoPFDevon, Cornwall
Tina HodgsonLIoPFDevon, Cornwall
Marina Law(Student Member)Devon, CornwallStudying
Carole RhodesSMIoPFDevon, Cornwall
Elizabeth RickardSMIoPFDevon, Cornwall
Amanda RoyleMIoPFDevon, Cornwall
Julie SheldonSMIoPFDevon, Cornwall
Kerry BusheMIoPFDorset, Somerset and Wiltshire
Jay CockettLIoPFDorset, Somerset and Wiltshire
Caroline CooperMIoPFDorset, Somerset and Wiltshire
Holly Moule(Student Member)Dorset, Somerset and WiltshireStudying
Amy ShakeshaftFIoPFDorset, Somerset and Wiltshire
Ashley StocktonMIoPFDorset, Somerset and Wiltshire
Alison TreziesSMIoPFDorset, Somerset and Wiltshire
Pamela WittcombMIoPFDorset, Somerset and Wiltshire
Karen BarnesFIoPFLeics, Lincs, Notts and Derbyshire
Philippa Erel(Student Member)Leics, Lincs, Notts and DerbyshireStudying
Dianne FraserLIoPFLeics, Lincs, Notts and Derbyshire
Eleri Gerrard(Student Member)Leics, Lincs, Notts and DerbyshireStudying
Kay GillMIoPFLeics, Lincs, Notts and Derbyshire
Alison Lloyds-FowlerSMIoPFLeics, Lincs, Notts and Derbyshire
Michelle MurfinFIoPFLeics, Lincs, Notts and Derbyshire
Jennie BartramSMIoPFLondon and Kent
Victoria ClemsonFIoPFLondon and Kent
Jay DhariwalMIoPFLondon and Kent
Shahla ForouzanfardMIoPFLondon and Kent
Rebecca Jeffreys(Student Member)London and KentStudying
Catherine MitchellMIoPFLondon and Kent
Mali OsterburgSMIoPFLondon and Kent
Heidi AppleyardFIoPFNorfolk, Suffolk and Essex
Jennie HarwoodFIoPFNorfolk, Suffolk and Essex
Catherine LenihanMIoPFNorfolk, Suffolk and Essex
Dominique McManusLIoPFNorfolk, Suffolk and Essex
Ann MeyerLIoPFNorfolk, Suffolk and Essex
Edna SibleyMIoPFNorfolk, Suffolk and Essex
Cheryl SlaterSMIoPFNorfolk, Suffolk and Essex
Henrietta LaxonSMIoPFNorfolk, Suffolk and Essex
Lynda AungerMIoPFNorth East
Sally BennettFIoPFNorth East
Rebecca CopelandMIoPFNorth East
Susan EldsonSMIoPFNorth East
Sarah LandersMIoPFNorth East
Diane LeeSMIoPFNorth East
Claire Lince(Student Member)North EastStudying
Marie Pattinson(Student Member)North EastStudying
Daisy Rocke(Student Member)North EastStudying
Elisabeth AskamLIoPFNorth West
Katherine BirtlesFIoPFNorth West
Susan EcclestonSMIoPFNorth West
Mark EntwistleFIoPFNorth WestFreelance and Demonstrator
Sarah-Louise GlynnMIoPFNorth West
Zetia Griffith(Student Member)North WestStudying
Jane HortonMIoPFNorth West
Lucy Kaye(Student Member)North WestStudying
Abigaie McGuireLIoPFNorth West
Wendy ReaFIoPFNorth West
Lindsay ShawLIoPFNorth West
Rebecca SherwinMIoPFNorth West
Michelle SwiftSMIoPFNorth West
Kate WhelanAFIoPFNorth WestFreelance and Business Owner
Ruth Wigmore(Student Member)North West
Julia WynneSMIoPFNorth West
Heather Currie(Student Member)Northern IrelandStudying
Clare DougalMIoPFNorthern Ireland
Angela DunlopMIoPFNorthern Ireland
Deborah Fox(Student Member)Northern IrelandStudying
Sarah WilliamsSMIoPFOxon and Northants
Helen BrownleeSMIoPFScotland
Louisa CoatesFIoPFScotland
Lisa Dickson(Student Member)ScotlandStudying
Claire CorkSMIoPFSussex and Surrey
Debbie LambLIoPFSussex and Surrey
Hyun Kyung LeeMIoPFSussex and Surrey
Anne MillerLIoPFSussex and Surrey
Jennifer ThompsonFIoPFSussex and Surrey
Elizabeth ClatworthyMIoPFWales and Shropshire
Rachel LathanMIoPFWales and Shropshire
Ruth Neville(Student Member)Wales and ShropshireStudying
Lorraine KeyFIoPFWest Midlands
Sally LangleyFIoPFWest Midlands
Eileen McManusSMIoPFWest Midlands

* This register is updated every 6 months.

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