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Apprenticeships Questions and Answers

Apprenticeships Questions and Answers

Q:  Are there different achievement grades available students can achieve?

A:  Yes, each of the three EPA’s have a PASS or DISTINCTION grade which can be achieved.

Q:  If one of the EPA’s is failed can this be re-sit?

A:  Yes, but within a timescale and the employer will may have to arrange the re-sit for the apprentice.

Q:  Can you be an apprentice at any age?

A:  Absolutely – there are no age barriers in this industry!

Q:  How can I find a Training Provider for my apprentice?

A:  Email the BFA who have a list of accredited Training Providers?

Q:  How will apprentices with special educational needs be supported within the L2 apprenticeship programme?

A: Tutors will undertake initial discussions with employers to help support the apprentice within the workplace if there are any additional needs of the student.  Regular review sessions will take place between the employer, apprentice and tutor to make sure support mechanisms are adequate and helping the development of the apprentice.

Q:  Do I need GCSE English and maths Grade C or equivalent to be able to enrol onto the apprenticeship?

A:  You need a minimum of GCSE Grade C (or equivalent) in maths and English.  Level 2 apprentices without prior English and maths at FS Level 2 /or equivalent must achieve level 1 English and maths and take the tests for level 2 prior to taking their EPA for this standard.  Your chosen training provide will advise on the best way to undertake any functional skills in maths and English which are needed.

Q: Is there a lot of theory work for the apprenticeship?

A: Just like any other Level 2 qualification there is quite an amount of underpinning knowledge which

    will relate to the actual day to day job in a floristry business. 

Q: How much input do I, as an employer have to do?

A: Well, that’s up to you but remember ‘What you put in you will get out!’ An apprentice needs to be seen as part of your team and not just someone to make the tea and sweep up.  You need to be invested in their employment and mentor them through their 6 stages.  Regular progress reviews will be held with your Training Provider and where there are any Skills Gaps these can be addressed. 

Q:  Can I put a new apprentice on a probationary period prior to them being signed up for the apprenticeship scheme?

A:  Yes, remember, apprentices are like all your other team members.  Make sure you give your new apprentice a contract of employment and job description on Day 1 so they are aware of the rules and regulations of your business and organise a suitable induction into your business for them.  Make sure you have regular one to one sessions with your apprentice to check on their progress.

Q:  What is the current apprenticeship wage?

A:  Always refer to: website where any updates become available but currently (4 Nov 2021) the apprenticeship wage is £4.30 and this will be increased to £4.81 in April 2022.  Apprentices are entitled to the apprenticeship rate if they’re either: aged under 19 or 19 or over and in the first year of their apprenticeship.  After an apprentice has completed one year of their apprenticeship then their wage will revert to the correct wage for their age as set out by the UK Government.

Q:  Can I look at a copy of the L2 Apprenticeship Standard?

A:  Yes, go to www.instituteforapprenticeships  and the L2 Florist Standard number is: ST0538

Note:  The course layout may differ between Training Provider and it is recommended that employers/apprentices understand the requirements of the TP they have chosen.

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