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Covid-19 Infectious diseases procedures.

Infectious disease procedures

Where it is recognised by the World Health Organisation or the Government that an infectious disease creates a public health emergency, the Company will assess the risk posed to its workforce by the disease.

At all times, Government advice will be taken on managing our employees in relation to infection control, overseas travel, isolation periods and other relevant matters.

With regard to the severity of the risk, we may decide to:

  • stagger start and finish times so that fewer people are together at once.
  • cancel non-essential overseas travel to affected areas across the world.
  • cancel non-essential training sessions
  • deal with clients/customers by phone and email
  • if face to face meetings must take place, ensure that facilities are suitable to minimise the spread of infection eg allowing a distance of more than one metre between participants
  • deploy greater levels of flexibility including permitting employees who are usually office based to work from home.

Employees have a role to play in ensuring that the risk of infection is kept at an absolute minimum, and must themselves stick to Government guidance in relation to overseas travel etc.

Business Continuity Management Plan (BCMP)

A successful Business Continuity Management Plan should outline how the organisation plans to continue business in a variety of circumstances which are applicable to the business, regardless of how farfetched scenarios may seem.

The steps in the document below form a structured approach to ensure that in the event that key business assets are lost continuity is maintained with minimal effects on the business.

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