Is floristry for me? - British Florist Association
Is floristry for me? - British Florist Association

Is floristry for me?

There is a world of opportunities, but it’s not so glamorous!

Floristry is an exciting and varied career, that’s full of incredible opportunities. Whether you fancy making floral creations in exotic locations, running your own business, freelancing for the finest or branching out into wholesale – there’s so many outlets where you can use your skills.

However, for all the benefits and job satisfaction the career may bring, there are also challenges.

Flowers may be beautiful, but they are certainly not glamorous – be prepared for early mornings, long days and unsociable hours. Because flowers need to be kept cool, working conditions are often cold, so you may end up wearing a scarf and thick socks for a great deal of the year! You also need to be resilient and prepared for all manner of situations: from tricky customers to last minute problem solving.

Whilst having a natural creative flair is beneficial, training is key – there is much to learn in the floristry world… floristry is a fabulous career that will most certainly keep you on your toes!

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