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Support your local British independent florist

Keep our high streets blooming & full of colour
Support your British Local Independent  BFA florist
Support your local BFA florist
British flowers delivered to the door

Support your local British independent florist

Your local florist shop is still one of the hands-on trades that remains on our high streets and shopping local keeps or towns vibrant, colourful and blooming
If you need flowers for the same day... our professional florists will always be able to help.

Same Day Flower Delivery

If you require a delivery of flowers for the same day the vast majority of our BFA expert florists will be able to take care of this, with many able to take delivery orders until as late as mid aft...

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Gift deliveries

Flowers as Gifts

Whether it is a really special occasion or a last minute order to cheer someone's day, gift flowers can let the recipient know you're thinking of them. Is there a better way of delivering t...

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The British Florist Association is the only recognised trade association in the UK representing 8000 professional florists and flower shops across the country.

 Every day our talented florists deliver hundreds of thousand of fresh flower bouquets and plants, with every flower delivery expertly cared for and delivered by hand. The quality of our florists' work is outstanding, and standards are maintained as our fabulous flower schools continue to produce trained florists and flower designers every year. Our standard of floristry and floral craftsmanship is one of the highest in the world, not only for gift deliveries, but also weddings, funerals and corporate flowers. We are very proud of this strong flower culture and doing our bit to help keep Britain blooming.

In recent years UK Florists have been under pressure from the increase in flowers and plants bought from supermarkets and online retailers sending flowers by post, and we are seeing florists having to close their flower shops. We find this situation very disconcerting for the floral industry and Britain's long standing flower culture, and have built this website to promote our local florists, and explain the wonderful things they do and ensure that floristry stays a recognised profession across the country. It is worth noting that the floral industry provides over 29,000 jobs to the local economy and is an essential part of high streets in the thousand of British towns, villages and cities like London, Bristol, Birmingham, Sheffield, Cardiff, Glasgow and Manchester.

Flowers require trained florists to work with them, not only for the artistry, but they have flower meaning and emotions which supermarkets and large retailers cannot convey. Only trained florists keep the secret message and stories of flowers alive. And without florists using all the thousands of varieties of flowers that grow on our planet, these special varieties will slowly die out, and breeders and growers will be limited in what they can grow. We cannot let this happen, and the survival of professional floristry is critical to the survival of our flower culture that brightens up our lives at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and in our homes, and enables us to remember and honour those that have passed away.

So please, if you wish to send flowers, support your British florists by taking a few minutes to contact them direct via their website or over the phone. Our 'find a BFA florist' listing service helps make it easier for your flower delivery whether it is same day or next day, or if you're in need of funeral flowers, wedding or Christmas flowers. Our flower service directory also indicates whether the florist promotes British flowers and ethical flowers, and shows whether they have attained IOPF certification.
If you can take 5 minutes out of your day to order flowers directly with a florist in the region then you can be guaranteed that you will be getting more value for money.

Please support our British florists so that our high streets remain full of colour and brighten up our days.

Thank You, From the British Florist Association - keep Britain's High Streets blooming.

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