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How to use your IoPF Skills Manager

Login Page

Lantra have redeveloped the Skills Plus platform to improve performance and support future development. This guide will give you a few hints and tips for using the revised platform. Go to

Please use your email address as the user name and 123456 as the password.

You can change your password by going to forgotten password on the front of the home page and it will send a link to your email address.  Please check your Junk mail because often it ends up here.

Login Page
Username: This can be your email address or previous username excluding any spaces, replacing with a dot. For example, if my username was Skills Plus, it would now be Skills.Plus
Password: For security reasons, unfortunately we are not able to bring across any passwords. You will need to follow the ‘Forgotten your Password’ link under the login button on the front screen

Skills Manager for the IoPF

My Profile

This is where your profile information is held. You can update your details and add a photo in this section.

Skills Manager for the IoPF

In the top left hand corner above ‘My Profile’ you will see the following symbol
Click on the menu to expand and you will see any other web pages that are relevant to your scheme.

My Dashboard

Your Dashboard may vary slightly depending on the set up of your scheme but is very similar to a previous set up and is familiar to follow. If you haven’t done this before, its easy to use by following the instructions given.

Skills Manager for the IoPF

You will either have multiple Module Groups across the top or Modules listed under the main heading.

These will navigate you through the different sections to upload evidence.

Some modules will have pre-defined “Skills” or “Unit” for you to upload and add comments for the evidence.

Skills Manager for the IoPF

To populate a pre-defined unit, click on the unit title which will be underlined and work through the stages. If you are adding in your own information and you want to create a new unit to record your information, select the ‘Add’ button

Skills Manager for the IoPF

Once you have opened up or created your unit, here is a typical view. In here you can populate the information required and add multiple files as evidence N.B. Please upload each file separately.
You can save the results as a ‘Draft’ to come back to and populate with more detail at a later stage. ‘Request endorsement’ will send a notification to your manager immediately that you have something that you wish them to review.

Skills Manager for the IoPF

Follow the instructions as given here and save the evidence. For those that previously entered results and evidence in the old Skills+ system, we have transferred this data for you so you’ve not lost anything.

Skills Manager for the IoPF

In the picture above you can see that the data has been populated. Where the evidence says “File(s) exist”, the files are waiting to be synchronised across. Open the unit under its title and this will update and pull in the previously saved documents.
You may see this error when opening new units or when trying to view previously migrated data. Try refreshing the screen in the first instance by selecting Ctrl & F5 together from your keyboard.
If the message is still there, a lot of files are moving over and updating and this takes time. Be patient, it will upload and update.
For some you may feel that you have lost some result information, you may find it in the Result History table. Scroll down to the bottom and you should find all migrated data from the old system.

Skills Manager for the IoPF

For queries about the skills manager or log in details please email where either your assigned team manager or the IoPF team will help you.

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