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How to choose a theme for your wedding flowers

er part of your wedding. They can tell a story and really create an atmosphere. A skilled florist will create designs that can perfectly match and illustrate how you want your day to feel.

Consider for a while, not what flowers you want, but what is your vision for the day. Perhaps this has been clear to you all along, however if you haven’t got a theme or find it hard to visualise how your perfect day would be, have a think about what adjectives best describe your day.

Classic, glamorous, formal, grand, elegant, refined, romantic, modern, vintage, carefree, summery, relaxed, seasonal, colourful, exotic, Scottish, ethnic, intimate, casual, festive, fun, offbeat, rustic, beachy, boho, woodlandy, the list is endless.

Select as many or as few as you wish.

Once you’ve considered some of the words that describe your wedding above have a think about what colours you may want;

How to choose a theme for your wedding flowers
  • Bright, bold and clashing colours
  • Opulent rich jewel tones
  • Bold with just one colour
  • Citrus colours
  • Dramatic black and white
  • Whites, creams and greens
  • Subtle muted earth colours
  • Spring colours
  • Summer colours
  • Autumn colours

This might allow you to hone ideas you have more specifically. As a ‘Summery’, ‘relaxed’, ‘intimate’ wedding might describe a wedding based around sunflowers, equally as well as a Summer fair themed wedding, or the boho chic in a barn. 

Other practicalities such as the venue, number of guests, and budget might form some basis for the theme you place on a wedding but often you have a blank canvas from which to work with.

Anything goes now, and what’s most important above all else is that your wedding is how YOU as a couple want it to be.

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