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What budget should I allow for my wedding flowers

Without doubt, flowers are a very important part of a wedding, and can make the special day exceptionally special! However, when considering how much money to set aside it is logical to think of the amount to spend on flowers fits in with the rest of your wedding budget. Budgets will of change from couple to couple, some areas will be more important than others, but do allow a good budget for your flowers. An example wedding budget might break down into the following percentages;

Venues, Catering and Wedding Cake   48%
Dress, Outfits, Hair and Make Up14%
Music & Entertainment8%
Photos & Video8%
Wedding Bands3%
Ceremony and Licence Fees3%
Thank You Gifts3%
Wedding Cars & Transport2%

Obviously the details above could act as a guideline and it depends on the quantity of flowers, number of bridesmaids etc. you have for your wedding.

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